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Leopold is proud to be one of the schools that provides a Dual Language Immersion in the Madison Metropolitan School District.

In addition to English Language Instruction (ELI) classrooms, Leopold Elementary School also offers a Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program.

Grade English Instruction Spanish Instruction
Kindergarten 50% - literacy, science, and social studies 50% - literacy and math
First 20% 80%
Second 30% 70%
Third 40% 60%
Fourth 50% 50%
Fifth 50% 50%

All DLI classrooms are comprised of students who are dominant in English and students who are dominant in Spanish, thus creating a collaborative community of learners in which everyone benefits from fellow language models. In addition to learning academic content in Spanish and English, students in dual language classrooms acquire biliteracy skills, develop cross-cultural competence, and learn to communicate in two languages with their ESL/Bilingual certified teachers.  The DLI model is an inclusive approach for our school community because it builds upon the prior knowledge and linguistic abilities of our large population of Spanish dominant students while simultaneously challenging all students to learn grade-level content in two languages.

Below are some links to article if you are intreseted in reading more about research done on this field.

Powerpoints from presentation at Leopold Elementary School:

     Presentation in English