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Leopold Community School

Leopold Elementary school is proud to be one of two schools within the Madison Metropolitan School District to be a part of this program.

Mission Statement:

“Leopold CSC is a dynamic group with a focused goal to harness the power of community to ignite the inherent talents and greatness of everyone within the Leopold community.

When making decisions, we will:

  1. Recognize the assets and resources in the community.
  2. Respect the diversity of the community.
  3. Empower all members of the community to be agents of change.”


  1. Increased opportunities for people of color to be in positions of power at school
  2. Out of school time
  3. Academic support for African American and Latin@ students

These priorities were voted on by the committee after going through all the research, some of which can seen below.

What We Do:

We are very pround and lucky to have a diverse group of people who are currently involved in our committee, which meet up on Wednesdays. The Leopold Community Schools Resource Coordinator is Rosalia Gittens.

The group is working in sub committees to create goals and coordination plans that leverage the assets and resources of the community to create change in each of these areas. This plan should be organized by mid November with new programs and services starting shortly after.

For More Information:

All the needs that were selected came from bigger list, which can be found in the Slides Presentation Below.

Community School Meeting Needs Presentation