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Enroll in Summer School before April 26

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Summer School is the perfect time for your student to build confidence in a smaller class setting and develop their academic skills in preparation for the next grade level. The deadline to enroll is Wednesday, April 26. Learn more at

Summer school is part of a year-long strategy that provides critical, additional learning time to support students on their pathway to college, career and community readiness.

4K at Leopold

This is a reminder that the 4K program is happening at Leopold School; many parents did not know and registered the kids in another school. They can call enrollment and switch to this school. Thank you.

Recuerde que Leopold tiene el programa de 4K. Si usted registro su hijo/a para 4K en otra escuela pero quiere que se queden en la escuela Leopold, por favor llame para solicitar un traslado interno. Queremos que su hijo/a este en el programa 4K en Leopold. Gracias.

Emergency Weather Update - January 10, 2017

Due to weather conditions in the area tonight, all MMSD events which require out of district travel, both for other schools traveling to Madison and Madison schools traveling out of district are canceled. We will remain open as usual for all after school programs, including MSCR programs and after school activities.

Debido a las condiciones climáticas el día de hoy, el Distrito Escolar Metropolitano de Madison se cancelarán todos los eventos del distrito que requieran de desplazarse fuera del distrito, tanto para individuos de otras escuelas que necesiten desplazarse a las escuelas de Madison como aquellos de las escuelas de Madison que necesiten desplazarse fuera del distrito. Permanecerá abierto como lo acostumbrado para los programas después de las clases, incluyendo los programas de MSCR y otras actividades.

A Principal Experience at Leopold

Community involvement is key to the success of our schools, so we look forward to welcoming 93 Principal Partners to our schools through A Principal Experience on Tuesday, October 11. This event provides a unique opportunity to experience the rewards as well as the challenges our principals, teachers and students face on a daily basis.

Learn more about the operational referendum at an informational session

Vote November 8We are on a mission to close the gaps in opportunity that lead to disparities in achievement, and to ensure every child is academically challenged in a safe and supportive environment. As we work to keep this momentum going, we’re facing disruptive cuts from the state, which continues to approve budgets that are not supportive of public education. Learn about the operational referendum on the November 8 ballot and come to an upcoming informational session. Visit for details. #VoteNov8